Special Offer to BWU: Media Audit and Guide

Are you getting the most from the media?

We can help you with our three stage media launch programme

Here’s how we do it differently.

Stage One: Audit

We can undertake an effective media launch for you by analysing your business objectives and researching a list of media to contact. This includes:   

  • In-depth questioning of journalist contacts – what do they think, know or believe about you and your brand?  
  • What their attitude is to your category of service, and how it relates to the needs and interests of their readership?  
  • What kind of material would they be interested in receiving from your company or organisation – and when?  

Journalists are difficult to contact so media auditing is a consummate skill. We are experts at using the audit to introduce you to your chosen sector with tact and aplomb.  

Stage two: Report

Full audit report with recommendations for strategic communications and messaging.  

Stage three: Media Guide

We can follow up our first contact with your media with the distribution of an informed media guide.   

This will establish and position your company or individuals as a resource for expert comment.   

The Media Guide includes an overview of the organisation, or your personal story, areas of expertise, bios and images as well as published articles or books.   

It will ensure that you are the first port of call when the press needs expert comment in your field. 

The Media Guide is also a useful device to attract both speaker and award opportunities. 

“I recently commissioned Suzanne to undertake a Media Audit, Report & Guide for the Royal School of Church Music. This piece of work resulted in us building long term relationships with a key media player that had not engaged with us at all until Summerhouse PR stepped in.”  

Marketing Manager, Leading Charity

Special offer for woman-led micro-businesses with niche products for a local market

Our usual price for the Media Audit and Guide is £x00

We are offering it to our fellow members at the very low introductory price of just X00

To take advantage of this special offer for members of Business Women Unltd, contact us quoting BWU and the name of your Group Leader.