About Us

Madalene Whitson

Director and Owner

My career began at the BBC working on the Radio Times Magazine but the lure of international travel led me to join the publicity department of the development finance bank, CDC. After a spell of globe-trotting event managing exhibitions, I moved into the heady world of agency PR and stayed. I thrive on seeing a project through from start to finish. From the first conversation and a blank piece of paper to developing a cost-effective campaign and bringing in the results. Becoming part of a client’s team is important for me – good, honest working relationships lead to success.

Likes: Swimming in the UK both inside and out, world cinema, travel & people with a sense of humour.

Dislikes: Arrogance, drizzle & rats.

My Associates:

Amana Ahmad

Social Media

Amana helps businesses that know they need social media but either are stuck on how to use it to generate enquiries or they just don’t have the time or resources to manage it well.   

She has run workshops, trained businesses and managed social media for over 50 different businesses.  

Specialising in Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, Amana uses creative approaches to increase the businesses visibility and generate enquiries. She has a passion for supporting businesses and has huge enthusiasm for making social media benefit them. Knowing both how social media works and how to use it to generate enquiries for business has meant she has been able to get tangible results for clients. 

Angela Hamilton

Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy, CRM & Website SEO  

Angela is an experienced Marketing Professional with an MA in Marketing Management. Angela provides expertise in lead generation – she understands every digital marketing channel and its purpose in the prospect’s journey.  Angela also has experience of CRM systems and the importance of developing customer journeys through mapping stakeholder analysis and key messaging to feed into the overall Business Development and Marketing Strategy.     

Angela has extensive experience working as a marketing manager in the third sector, including faith-based charity, children’s care and digital support organisation, Charity Digital. Not to be pigeon-holed, Angela is equally adept at applying her lead generation skills to a commercial setting including researching, creating and implementing market sector audits, strategic marketing strategies and tactical plans to achieve multiple revenue generating activities.   

Darren Harvey

Audience Insight

Darren has worked as a qualitative researcher in the UK since 1999. He works across a variety of sectors and methodologies with a leaning towards the voluntary sector and social issues. 

With a keen interest in language and unconscious processes, he specialises in deeper understanding of client audiences – their attitudes, beliefs and motivations – and uses insights from real people, in everyday language, to inform clients’ communication strategies. 

In recent times he has worked with Alzheimer’s Society, Mind, Shelter, Scope and the MS Society; as well as corporate clients such as Nestle, Black Rock, Ferrero, Bosch and Hotpoint. 

Darren is also a practising psychodynamic counsellor and brings therapeutic techniques to his research interviewing, offering deeper and more meaningful insights through authentic conversations. He has run training courses and authored articles on what qualitative research practitioners and clients can learn from psychoanalytic theory and practice. 

Suzanne Watts

Strategy Workshop Associate

Suzanne started her career in a PR agency and worked in digital marketing for Business Link before becoming a freelance marketing communications consultant specialising in integrated marketing .

She brings wide experience to running workshops, from her audience insight techniques to postgraduate Creative Marketing Communications studies at Bournemouth University Business School.

Suzanne used to believe in the conventional division of marketing into Business to Business and Business to Consumer, but has recently changed her approach. She now believes that all effective communication takes place Person to Person and requires two essential human qualities – empathy and imagination.

Likes: e-biking, nature, friendship and learning

Dislikes: noisy motorbikes and concrete monstrosities.