The early years – highlights from the Summerhouse

Our client EUclaim was interviewed on Radio 4’s consumer programme You & Yours not once but twice in one month – we were more than pleased about that.  Working in a Summerhouse means pleasant, sunny and bright days at work – most of the time!

Hanging out at The Groucho Club – having successfully hosted a business and media lunch for The Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Sent 10 journalists out to Las Vegas for CES in 2016 and 2017 and they all came back with change in their pockets, full of oxygen from the oxygen bars, yes really, and some very good coverage for our client the CTA too.

Survived a weekend at the Silverstone Circuit talking MGs and paint protection – even managed to save the exhibition stand when a freak wind lifted the canopy. Yep, we do go the extra mile for our clients.

Rearranged top level media meetings for a CEO with a few hours’ notice after the client realised they’d given us not only the wrong time slots but the wrong date – the CEO never found out – happily ever after…

3D printing became our thing when we ran the press office for the TCT Show …from food to drones to prosthetic limbs for Paralympians it’s amazing what can be 3D printed.

Successfully took 15 journalists to Paris for the day having persuaded them all that the 5am start was a great idea and the 11pm return would be a doddle – Result happy, but weary journos with great stories in the trade, nationals and broadcast press.

Amazing coverage on the BBC and other leading titles for CES 2017 resulted in a happy client and very happy PRs.  

When your only access to WiFi is in the far corner of the garden on a bitterly cold night over Christmas you can still set up an interview with Gary Shapiro, the CEO of the CTA and the BBC tech team – the on-air results caused quite a stir – all positive. Ask us for details…

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