Technology press… Speed dating… Groucho Club… Elderflower Martinis

October means not only that the trees are starting to change colour and soon we’ll all be seeking out the biggest pumpkin we can find, but for us at Summerhouse PR it’s the start of the preshow press events for the hotly anticipated CES the following January. There are CES Unveiled events in Paris and Amsterdam but it’s all kicked off with the London UK exhibitor and media lunch held at the famous Groucho Club.  

Several years ago, after London had hosted Europe’s first CES Unveiled event (organised and run by us for 3 years in a row) the Consumer Technology Association, (CTA)™ (owners of CES) asked us to come up with something new.  The team at Summerhouse PR put together an exhibitor and press event which the CTA liked so much, they have rolled the format out over many of their territories.  

Our much talked about lunch event introduces handpicked British tech talent exhibiting in Eureka Park to the great and the good of the UK’s tech media and influencers. Think speed dating over a delicious lunch.

Add to that briefings from Gary Shapiro, CEO & President of the CTA on what to expect from CES;  future tech trends from Steve Koenig, the CTA’s Director of Research; tech start-ups have the ear  of journalists that they would never normally reach; and the press material ‘that I use the whole year round’ as said one journalist –  the lunch is a surefire success.

One more little boast –  press coverage following the lunch has resulted in more British companies booking to go to the largest technology tradeshow in the world the following year!  

By the way, you must try the Groucho Club’s Elderflower Martinis!

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