Russian Entrepreneurs, Eyebrows and Grannies

We know our name conjures the idea of warm, balmy days but we didn’t expect to be running a Summerhouse PR Workshop for a delegation of Russian tech entrepreneurs on what was the hottest day of the summer – even our eyebrows were perspiring!

We met Rutech Ventures founder Alina Bezuglovaon on a much cooler day at a Women of Wearables event where we were speaking on the benefits of PR.  The team at Rutech Ventures asked us to be part of the first UK-Russia TechBridge Bootcamp and run a PR workshop for Russian start-ups. We covered all aspects of running a PR campaign from is your story really newsworthy to how to approach the media. The key for us is ensuring that tech companies can talk about their products in a way everyone can understand.  So we use the ‘Granny marker’ to test for clarity – if your Granny can’t understand what you’re talking about then it’s time for a rethink and rewrite.

The bootcamp ran alongside London Tech Week,  and was organised in partnership with the DIT UK and CIS London & Partners LLP. The nine-day programme culminated in Russian Tech Day on the 20th June, co-organised with London New Tech.