Russian Entrepreneurs, Eyebrows and Grannies  

//Russian Entrepreneurs, Eyebrows and Grannies  

Russian Entrepreneurs, Eyebrows and Grannies  

Russian Entrepreneurs, Eyebrows and Grannies

We know our name conjures the idea of warm, balmy days but we didn’t expect to be running a Summerhouse PR Workshop for a delegation of Russian tech entrepreneurs on what was the hottest day of the summer – even our eyebrows were perspiring!

We met Rutech Ventures founder Alina Bezuglovaon on a much cooler day at a Women of Wearables event where we were speaking on the benefits of PR.  The team at Rutech Ventures asked us to be part of the first UK-Russia TechBridge Bootcamp and run a PR workshop for Russian start-ups. We covered all aspects of running a PR campaign from is your story really newsworthy to how to approach the media. The key for us is ensuring that tech companies can talk about their products in a way everyone can understand.  So we use the ‘Granny marker’ to test for clarity – if your Granny can’t understand what you’re talking about then it’s time for a rethink and rewrite.

The bootcamp ran alongside London Tech Week,  and was organised in partnership with the DIT UK and CIS London & Partners LLP. The nine-day programme culminated in Russian Tech Day on the 20th June, co-organised with London New Tech.

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